Reformers Unanimous of Lex



We are a faith based addictions program, dedicated to the fact that the Truth in God's Word will make you free.


Addictions have touched almost every family in America and we're here to push back.  If you, or someome you love is struggling with ANY type of addiction or stubborn habit, we want to help. We meet every Friday from 7 - 9 pm.  Transportation and nurseries are provided.  We also have boys and girls club for children up to 12 years of age.


We have several sessions that are designed to make you feel comfortable.  You won't be alone, we're here to help and encourage you through this difficult process.  We want you to know you won't be judged or singled out.  We divide into small challenge groups where you can make a personal connection with others also struggling with strongholds in their lives. 


We will discuss topics and you will be encouraged to study what God has to say in the Bible about living a victorious life.  Admitting there is a a problem and making a decision to take action are the first steps.  Please join us this Friday at 7 pm and start the journey to healing, self-worth and lasting peace in your soul.  If you know someone who needs help, bring them and see what we're all about.


You can contact us at or (859) 231-0442 or (859) 270-7490.  Counselling is available.